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Come in and experience a site designed for that "Forever Female" side of you.

Wholesale Makeup Brushes is a "Sister-Site" of Heavenly Mineral Makeup


Our Wholesale Mission Statement

We cater to small business owners, who purchase Wholesale Beauty Products, to resell at Retail prices, without the hassle of importing goods, from foreign countries. Sourcing quality merchandise, from reputable Wholesalers, at reasonable prices is very time consuming. Whether your business operates from a Store Front, sells on an auction format or on an Internet website, finding products to resell can be a daunting task. We've done the work for you and we're dedicated to providing the finest quality products, from the best factories, with prices that allow you to maximize your Retail profit. We are very demanding with our vendors, so you can be proud of the products you purchase from us and resell, to your customers.

Wholesale is currently available for Make Up Brushes, Make Up Brushes Sets, Makeup Bags, Mirrors and Brush Holders.
Please read the Wholesale-Business Account, under the Information Center on the Products Page, for information on our policies and instruction to open a Wholesale Account with Wholesale Makeup Brushes.



Ultimate Brushes-Klassic Brushes-Whisper Soft Brushes

Our site specializes in fine Cosmetic Makeup Brushes and we're proud to be recognized, for providing Excellent Customer Service. We offer (3) Unique Brush Lines that were designed, to be used with Traditional and/or Mineral Makeup and we will continue to add new styles, to meet the needs of our customers. For decades, makeup brushes were only made from Animal Hair but we saw a need, to develop a new type of makeup brush for our Vegan customers. Based on our experience with synthetic fibers, we worked with finely spun Nylon and created an entire line of 100% Synthetic Bristle brushes that we call the Ultimate Line. We chose that name, because it describes perfectly, how well of our synthetic brushes function. Not only are they the softest brush on the market, they hold and apply all types of makeup, better than any brush you've ever used. Once a customer uses one Ultimate brush, they'll return to buy more. As with all exceptional products, our brushes have been copied but never duplicated. Originals of any product will always be the best.

ULTIMATE BRUSHES: THE FINEST 100% SYNTHETIC BRISTLE BRUSHES This Line is Available with Pink and/or Silver Handles
Wholesale Makeup Brushes was the first company that designed, created and offered makeup brushes, made with 100% Synthetic Bristles. The first such brush was the Ultimate Kabuki. This Ultimate Kabuki became so popular we created an entire line of Ultimate Brushes. Each brush was designed for a specific makeup application and each style applies traditional or Mineral Makeup, equally well. There are vast differences in the quality of synthetic bristles. Copies of our Ultimate brushes are not equal, to the quality of our Original designs. The Ultimate Line is perfect for Vegans or anyone who oppose animal cruelty but are equally popular, to apply all types of makeup. Our 100% synthetic bristles brushes are plush, ultra-soft on the face and easy to care for. Simply wash bristles in mild liquid soap, rinse well, towel, reshape and air-dry, allowing extra time to dry. Please don't submerge any brush handles in water. Vegan Approved-100% Very Finely Spun Synthetic Bristles-No Animal Cruelty

This Line is Available with Pink and/or Silver Handles
We recently introduced our Whisper Brush Line. They may look like Fiber Optic Brushes but that's where the similarities end. We worked with more finely spun Nylon, to make delicate makeup brushes for particular applications of powder makeup. Because the fibers are so delicate, we designed 4 styles for certain applications, where their properties work exceptionally well. Large Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Fan Brush and large Kabuki There are currently 4 styles with several new styles planned. Please don't submerge any brush handles in water Vegan Approved-100% Very Finely Spun Synthetic Bristles-No Animal Cruelty

Our Klassic line is for the ladies who want only the finest natural hair brushes. Unlike most suppliers of Natural Hair Makeup Brushes, we use many blends of expensive natural hair, to make each brush style perfect, for their intended application of traditional or mineral makeup. We detail the type hair we use, in our descriptions and try to explain the benefits of each type. Different types of natural hair work better, for certain makeup applications and we took that into consideration, with each style we designed. We stock some Badger Hair Brushes, some blends of Sable and Squirrel, plus other blends of the best grades of Goat Hair. We don't use Camel, Horse or other types of hair. Wash bristles in mild liquid soap, rinse, and remove moisture with a towel, reshape, then air-dry. Please don't submerge handles.



Ultimate Powder Dispensing Brush
Our new Ultimate Dispensing Brush is made with the same posh, synthetic bristles found in all of our Ultimate brushes. It holds 4.5 grams of any powder makeup. Now you can transport your Face Powder, Mineral Makeup Foundation, Bronzer or Blusher in your purse for those daily touch-ups. The pump style makes loading and dispensing easy and uniform. The case will be plain without any lettering.
Vegan Approved-All Synthetic Bristles-No Animal Cruelty..
Ultimate Flat Top Kabuki
The perfect flat top style for those of you who have asked for a larger flat top brush. We started with the Ultimate Kabuki, reduced the size of the ferrule and cut the bristles to the ideal length for buffing applications. It is made with the same soft, synthetic bristles as the Ultimate Kabuki. The bristles are very dense to retain the shape and large enough to buff makeup quickly. We hate to brag but this brush is "Purrfect".
Vegan Approved-All Synthetic Bristles-No Animal Cruelty..


The Prices shown on the website are Suggested Retail Prices

We welcome businesses of all sizes, from new start-ups to multi-million dollar companies and treat all equally, whether an order is $120 or $1200
We make it easy, for your company to qualify for a Wholesale Account
Our Minimum Order Amount is low, which allows you to begin with small orders and grow your business, at your own speed.
We do our part, to help your business become successful and trust you to do the rest.


Click on Products, on the top navigation toolbar. On the Products Page, look at the left navigation tool, under the Information Center
Click on the top link: Wholesale-Business Account, which will take you to our Wholesale Policy Page.
Please read all of the Wholesale Policies, then scroll to the bottom and Click on Continue, to reach the Wholesale Application.

You should include your company name and provide one of the following Tax ID forms: A Sales and Use Tax ID (AKA) Reseller License that's issued by your state is the best ID. If you don't have one, we will still approve your application and help you obtain that license. Other acceptable Licenses: Business Tax ID or Social Security Number. If you have a Website, please include the URL. Complete all blanks on the application and include information about your business in a block at the bottom, titled Instructions: The more information you provide, the quicker your application will be approved.


Vanity Mirrors Make Up Mirrors
Makeup Bags and Mirrors

If you read the Wholesale Policy Page, you know that our Low MOA must be met, by ordering $100 worth of makeup brushes. After that, you may add accessories (Makeup Bags and Mirrors) in the quantity you want. When we offer Closeouts, at deeply discounted prices, those items are also excluded from, being used to meet the MOA. Makeup Brush Styles that are simply "On Sale" may still be used, to meet the $100 MOA.

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We have been in business for 14 years and we take pride in having a spotless reputation, in the beauty industry. Many of our customers have ordered from us for 10 to 12 years and thanks to them, we have a spotless reputation. We value that reputation and we will continue to work hard, to provide excellent Customer Service and sell only the highest quality products



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Important Legal Notice

Though Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, our brush styles are all Patent Pending, so it is illegal to copy any brush style offered by Wholesale Makeup Brushes, Inc. Any customer of, or visitor to Wholesale Makeup Brushes, Inc. is obligated to abide by Copyright, Trademark and Patent Law. Anyone who is found to be duplicating any brush sold under our Patents/Trademarks/Copyrights will be prosecuted. Making small changes, such as the color of the handle is not sufficient to avoid Legal Action. The fact that Chinese Factories are willing to copy any brush style, violating US Law, does not release you from your legal obligation or liability. I deeply regret the need to take such strong action, however theft of all of our brush styles has made it necessary.

Please respect our rights, as much as we respect yours.


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